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Workflow Templates

Configure Workflow Templates to send messages using the eAdaptor Outbound Service when specific Milestones or Triggers occur.


This configuration is only required for using the outbound service and is not required for using the inbound service.

Template Selection Criteria

Select the Process Type you require outbound messages for, and optionally Client if you don't want to send messages for all your clients.

To only send outbound messages for specific clients a separate Workflow Template will need to be added for each client you require the outbound messages for.

Completion Trigger Actions

Workflow Templates will require a Completion Trigger Action adding for any Milestones or Triggers that are required to send eAdaptor outbound messages.

The following values should be set:

  • Action - Should be either XUS (XML Universal Shipment) to send full details of the related record responsible for the message; or XUE (XML Universal Event) to send minimal details regarding the record identifier and event responsible for the message.
  • Recipient - Should be ORP (Organization Proxy).

For CargoWise Warehouse Order Integrations: A Workflow Template with a Process Type of WOU (Warehouse Release) is required. Under Milestones the Finalized milestone requires a Completion Trigger Actions entry with its Action set to XUS (XML Universal Shipment) and Recipient set to ORP (Organization Proxy).

Completion Trigger Actions