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CargoWise One Integrations

Complect provides solutions to help your business and third parties integrate with and automate CargoWise through its eAdaptor services.

Introduction to the CargoWise eAdaptor Services

The CargoWise eAdaptor services which provide its API are not your typical modern APIs. The below pointers are useful to know when working with the eAdaptor services:

  • The eAdaptor Inbound Service provides a RESTful XML based interface for pushing data into CargoWise and querying records.
    • A single API endpoint is provided, with the XML payload sent determining the data to be queried, added or updated.
  • The eAdaptor Outbound Service provides an equivalent to webhooks, sending messages out to a listening SOAP based service.
    • Workflow templates within CargoWise must be manually configured to send out the eAdaptor Outbound Service messages for any milestones and triggers that notifications are required for.
    • Only one SOAP service url can be configured in CargoWise to receive its eAdaptor Outbound Service messages. If multiple integrations are required then a proxy service is required to forward the messages to all parties. The Complect eAdaptor Relay for CargoWise is one such solution.
  • Documentation for the eAdaptor services isn't made available until a CargoWise customer purchases the eAdaptor modules for their instance. This is then made available as a downloadable eAdaptor Developers Guide PDF.
  • Behavior differences can occur between different instances of CargoWise based on a client's system configuration.

Complect Integration Solutions

Complect provides the following information and solutions to simplify integrating with the CargoWise eAdaptor services:

CargoWise eAdaptor provides instructions on how to configure the CargoWise side of things to facilitate Complect solution integrations.

eAdaptor Relay for CargoWise provides information about the Complect middleware which brings versatility to the CargoWise eAdaptor Outbound Service.

Utilities for CargoWise provides information about the Complect middleware which brings security and convenience utilities to the CargoWise eAdaptor Inbound Service.

Order Fulfillment Integrations for CargoWise Warehouse provides information about the Complect solutions which integration with CargoWise Warehouse for order fulfillment / dropshipping with third party systems such as Shopify, Unleashed, and many more.

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