Complect Solutions

to interweave; intertwine.

We specialize in weaving systems together, providing CargoWise EDI and API integrations to streamline your business relations through automation.

CargoWise Outbound eAdaptor

Complect eAdaptor Relay provides flexibility when dealing with CargoWise's eAdaptor Outbound Web Service XUS and XUE messages (Universal Shipment and Event XML messages).

Relay / forward XUS and XUE messages to one or more systems: Other eAdaptor integrations, JSON APIs, XML APIs, Service Buses, FTP, Email, or anything else you'd like to integrate with.

Filter XUS and XUE messages based on CargoWise module, Organization, or anything else within the XML message for relaying to different systems.

Transform / convert XUS and XUE messages for compatible use with other systems. Supporting JSON / XML / CSV / Excel / and any other format you'd like.

CargoWise Warehouse

Complect Warehouse Management System (WMS) API integrations to streamline your 3PL warehouse order fulfillment process.

Early Access

Complect Solutions is coming soon! Reach out for early access if you don't want to wait.