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The eAdaptor Relay middleware service for CargoWise removes limitations and adds versatility when integrating with the CargoWise eAdaptor Outbound Service.

CargoWise's eAdaptor Outbound Service only allows a single Outbound eAdaptor Service URL to be configured, limiting integration opportunities. The eAdaptor Relay middleware negates this limitation and introduces additional integration options, such as splitting traffic to different third party integrations.


Existing eAdaptor integrations, bespoke or third party, can be preserved and continue to function with the eAdaptor Relay forwarding the original eAdaptor Outbound SOAP messages to the existing integrations.


A popular 3rd party CargoWise integration is BravoTran. BravoTran would typically be setup directly using the Outbound eAdaptor Service URL System Registry setting in CargoWise:

Adding the eAdaptor Relay middleware service the setup becomes:

This allows any number of integrations to added side-by-side with BravoTran:


Before the eAdaptor Relay can be used the following prerequisites are required:


You can reduce the amount of traffic you send to the eAdaptor Relay by setting up CargoWise Workflow Templates targeting the specific clients you wish to integrate with.


The functionality provided by the eAdaptor Relay can be mixed and matched as required, coming under the following categories:

  • Forwarding - Forward messages to other eAdaptor integrations, APIs, Logic Apps, Service Buses, Storage, Email, or anything else you'd like to integrate with.
  • Filtering - Filter messages based on CargoWise module, organization, or anything else within the message for relaying to different systems.
  • Transforming - Transform messages for compatibility with other systems. Use JSON / XML / CSV / Excel or any other format you'd like.

When no catch-all functionality rules exist and messages don't match any filtering rules, those messages will be discarded by the eAdaptor Relay.