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XUS and XUE Messages

The CargoWise eAdaptor Outbound Service can send XML Universal Shipment (XUS) and Event (XUE) messages, depending on the Workflow Templates defined.

What are XUS and XUE messages?

  • XUS (XML Universal Shipment) - Full details of the related record that triggered the message.
  • XUE (XML Universal Event) - Minimal details comprised of the record identifier and event that triggered the message.

Sample Messages

Sample messages are useful for discovering the properties and attributes available for filtering and transforming messages.

These messages can be obtained through CargoWise or the eAdaptor Relay.


CargoWise captures all messages sent, along with their status, in its EDI Interchange.

From the CargoWise Home, goto Maintain > EDI Messaging > EDI Interchange to search for messages: EDI Interchange

Individual messages can be viewed and their message body saved to disk for analyzing outside of CargoWise: View Interchange

eAdaptor Relay

The eAdaptor Relay itself can be used to forward messages for capture to any appropriate destination.

Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3 make excellent destinations for capturing the messages as XML files for this purpose.