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The eAdaptor Relay Service is provided as a fully managed SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription; pricing based on quotas using the following measurements:

  • Number of messages received from the CargoWise eAdaptor Outbound Service, per message.
  • Number of destinations messages are forwarded to, per message.
  • Number of transformations applied to messages before forwarding, per message.

Exceeding subscription quotas will result in prompts to upgrade your subscription, allowing a generous window of time to upgrade before enforcing any quota limits to the service.


Cost savings can be achieved by configuring your CargoWise Workflow Templates to only send eAdaptor Outbound messages for specific conditions e.g. specific Organizations; applying filtering before messages reach the eAdaptor Relay service.

Free 1 Month Trial

Contact us to arrange provisioning and configuration of the eAdaptor Relay Service, including a free 1 month trial.